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Art of Democracy on Tour in cooperation with Styriarte

“Faced with the Russian aggression against Ukraine, we should remind ourselves that the battle for democracy is a battle for peace at the same time.Now more than ever, we believe we should speak up and stand up for democracy together. The future of peace and democracy is in our hands and we hope you will join us.”

Helfried Carl, Founder of European Capital of Democracy, March 2022

This 2022 forerunner event to the Art of Democracy Festival programme comprises these highlights:

The Charity Concert “Versuch über das Unbegreifliche” (Attempt at the incomprehensible) – Styriarte supports a music training center in Kharkiv with the proceeds.
Date & Location: 18 September 2022, Minoritensaal, Graz, 8pm.
Tickets: Click Here

Gerd Kühr contributes a short new piece to this project that reflects the incomprehensible: A war in the middle of Europe in the 21st century.

Oliver Hangl, together with the Art of Democracy team, picks up texts and quotes around the concert’s message and applies those to public spaces, the streets and alleys of Graz. Citizens and visitors are invited to pick, add to or simply to read.
Oliver Hangl Performance from 16 September 2022, in the streets and alleys of Graz